Brendan Byrne

Brendan excels at his ability to simplify the internet and translate the technical jargon of the online world into easy to understand language for his clients. His analytical skills underpin his design process to create effective online marketing programs that are comprehensive, integrated and results-orientated. Brendan has assisted the growth of businesses for over 400 clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Spain and Japan. 

Brendans focus is on adapting the systems of sales, customer service and operational business processes into websites. The increased automation improves service levels whilst saving the business time and increasing revenue.

Brendan has been invited to events as a paid speaker in the field of online marketing for: Local Business Chamber of Commerce Events, Valerie Khoo’s Business Builder Bootcamp, the NBN Local Business Education series and various industry associations. He was president of the NSW Business SWAP (Northern Beaches Chapter) in 2005/6.
In 2012 Brendan sold Receptive Technologies and relocated to the central coast to start a family. Recently he has been accepting only a couple of contracts for Online marketing consulting work, under the company One Orange Cow, and he guides the work of Easy Website Manager.

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